Grikių lukštų žaislas (šildyklė) meškutis „Panda“
  • Grikių lukštų žaislas (šildyklė) meškutis „Panda“
  • Grikių lukštų žaislas (šildyklė) meškutis „Panda“

Buckwheat Hull Toy (Warmer) Teddy Bear Panda


Anti-allergic. Buckwheat hull bedding does not breed bedding mites. Buckwheat hulls securely protect the buckwheat growing inside it. Since buckwheat hulls are not edible, the items made with their filling are safe from various insects.

100% natural filler. A great, natural alternative for people allergic to feathers, foam and other fillings.

Does not cause sweating. Buckwheat hull pillow allows for good circulation, thus helping to keep your normal body temperature.

Great gift and/or interior decoration. This pillow  gives a cozy and uplifting mood and is a great gift for a child. The pillow can also be used as an interior design detail.

Reduces pain and helps to fall asleep. The internal case filled with buckwheat hull can be taken out and warmed, which helps the cild to fall asleep easier. The warming properties of this toy also help when the child is having some breathing issues like coughing or with an upset tummy. The internal case can also be cooled.

Usage recommendations. The toy is filled to the maximum. It is possible to change the softness of the toy by regulating the amount of hulls in the internal pillowcase. It is recommended to take some of the hulls out before first using the toy to adjust the softness to your liking.

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