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  • Grikių mulčias 60 l.
  • Grikių mulčias 60 l.
  • Grikių mulčias 60 l.

Buckwheat hull mulch 60L


Mulch can be used for many different reasons:

Decorative tool. Mulch can be used to decorate your garden. Our mulch is made from a natural material (buckwheat hull), thus it is very environmentally friendly.

Keeps moisture and protects. One of the specialties of buckwheat hull mulch is it‘s ability to suppress moisture in soil. Gardens or fields that have a layer of mulch don‘t need to be watered as often. Mulch is also very useful during droughts and very ot summer days and protects plant roots from drying out. During very cold winter days it helps protect plant roots from freezing. Mulch also shields the soil from sunlight, thus reducing the amount of possible weeds.

Does not change the acidity of the soil – Most of other popular choices of mulch can increase acidity in the soil, which is something buckwheat mulch does not do.

Buckwheat hull mulch is very lightweight, thus it allows the roots of the plants to breathe.

Fertilizer. Buckwheat hull mulch decomposes in about 1,5 to 2 years. While decomposing it fertilizes the soil. This mulch is especially effective where the soil is very dry or made mostly of inorganic clay material. Mixing the top layer of this soil with buckwheat hulls greatly improves it‘s quality.