UAB “Ekofrisa” is one of the major manufacturers of grains in The Baltic States. The company specializes in processing buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearl barley and pea groats, flakes and flour. All the raw materials used in production are bought directly from Lithuanian farmers, thus ensuring the best quality possible.

UAB Ekofrisa was founded in 2003 with an idea to develop and produce a full range of conventional and organic groat products. Production capacity of the company is 10 000  tons of buckwheat per year. Unique groats producing technology allows reaching high-quality results.

Public nonprofit institution „Ekoagros“ has given the company a status of organic products manufacturer. This status allows the company to process organic groats, flour, and products made with buckwheat hulls. Organic groats and crackers are free of pesticides, chemical additives, radioactive materials and mold.


The company is a member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and regularly participates in various international exhibitions. Starting in 2008 for three years in a row UAB Ekofrisa was recognized as one of the most successful and fastest developing Lithuanian companies in Kaunas region.


The company exports more than 82 percent of production to many foreign countries, including: Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Spain, The UK, Ireland, Israel, Australia, The US and the countries in the Scandinavian region.


The company constantly participates in EU funded projects and uses the funds obtained to improve company‘s production base and to participate in international exhibitions and business missions.


Our mission

UAB “Ekofrisa” mission is to produce high quality and organic wholegrain products that promote healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle.



Our approach to your needs


Harmony - all our products are eco-friendly. We pay big attention to waste of production. Buckwheat hulls are used for pillows, mattresses and mulch. Broken buckwheat groats, flour - for animal food. We use green energy using our buckwheat hulls for production process heating and producing electricity with our own solar batteries.


Innovation - partnership with scientists allows us to create innovative products for people sensitive to gluten.


Flexibility - we can load containers of mixed products, do small orders or private label. We offer a big range of packing solutions. All products made by UAB Ekofrisa could be produced according to the needs of the specific customer. Product can be packaged in various weights: from 100 g. to 1000 kg. We offer doy-packs, OPP bags, Boil-in bags, paper bags, wholesale bags or big bags.




Our products



Quality and safety


Quality and safety of our products is a high importance in the company. The company is certified by IFS at higher level.

Samples of each buckwheat consignment are sent to an accredited laboratory where the compliance of microbiological and chemical indicators with established requirements are tested. Separate production lines installed and strict control enables to offer organic, gluten-free products to the market.

For the quality of their work, employees are being encouraged, sent to various seminars, courses and their working conditions are being constantly improved.


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