Organic snacks bundle


This bundle includes:

- Organic buckwheat granola with Honey and Cranberries 125g.

- Organic buckwheat granola with Beetroot and Carrot 125g.

- Organic buckwheat granola with Broccoli and Quince 125g.

- Organic buckwheat bar with Honey and Cranberries 30g.

- Organic buckwheat bar with Beetroot and Carrot 30g.

- Organic buckwheat bar with Broccoli and Quince 30g.

SUPERFOOD BAR ORGANIC. Buckwheat is a supergrain superior to any other. Richer in minerals than most other grains or gluten free cereals, it boasts high fibre, antioxidants and amino acids. Organic buckwheat makes even 40% of our healthy on the go snacks.

A TASTY, CRUNCHY BAR SNACK FOR KIDS & BUSY LIFE. An ideal school snack for kids packed lunch boxes or weekend treats can make mom’s life easier. Buckwheat bars may be a better fuel for the bodies of your growing children than oat biscuits or nut bars.

Country of origin: Lithuania



                             EU and Non-EU




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