Ekologiškos neskaldytų kviečių kruopos 400 g.
  • Ekologiškos neskaldytų kviečių kruopos 400 g.

Organic whole wheat groats 400g


Net weight: 400g

Ingredients: organic wheat

Country of origin: Lithuania


ORGANIC POWER. Non-organic wheat is one of the most glyphosate-contaminated grains. The permissible level of these chemicals is even 100 times higher than the level applicable to buckwheat.

For this reason, we recommend using organic wheat and its products..

UNIVERSALITY OF USE. Wheat groats are used in many different ways: for garnish, salads, porridges, bread and germination.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS. Wheat porridge provides the body with iron, which is necessary for normalization of blood circulation and healthy complexion, fluoride, without which it would be impossible to maintain healthy teeth, magnesium - an indispensable trace element for athletes and workaholics, manganese (for normal metabolism).

Wheat groats are recommended for liver and gallbladder diseases, wheat is said to strengthen immunity. Sprouted wheat is the best source of zinc, manganese, copper and inorganic phosphorus. They are especially useful in the spring. Our body is weakened after the winter, so a portion of vitamins will help the recovery.

A NUTRITIONAL AND EASILY DIGESTIVE PRODUCT. Wheat groats are very nutritious and contain a lot of easily digestible starch. Eating sprouted grains is recommended for patients with gastric ulcer, eczema, those with high cholesterol.

DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER. By choosing our product, you can be sure of its quality - we are involved in the whole process of becoming a raw material. We carefully select and inspect the farmers and farms we work with. We process the obtained raw material in our own factory, thus ensuring that the grits on your table are of only the highest quality.


Average nutritional and energy value 100g (dry product)

Energy value (kcal/kJ)

354 / 1503

Fat, g


   - of which: saturated, g


Carbohydrates, g


   - of which: sugar, g


Protein, g


Salt (NaCl), g





                            EU Agriculture


Method of preparation: Before cooking, we recommend soaking the wheat in water (1: 2 ratio) and leaving it to soak for 1-3 hours. Then 10 min. boil, season and leave for 1 hour to swell.



Data sheet

Contains gluten

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