Wheat groats 4 kg.


Net Weight: 400 g.

Ingredients: 100% wheat.

Porridge made from wheat groats provides body with iron necessary for normal blood circulation and healthy complexion, fluoride, which is important in maintaining healthy teeth, magnesium that is an essential element for athletes and workaholics and manganese for normal metabolism.

Wheat groats are recommended for liver and gall bladder diseases. Wheat is also said to strengthen immune system. These wheat groats are highly nutritious and high in easily digestible starch. Wheat groats are made by cutting whole what grains into small pieces, so it has all the benefits as whole wheat groats do.

100 g. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 354: Protein: 10,66 g., Total carbohydrate: 74,01g. (of which sugar: 1,7 g.), Total fat: 1,7 g. (of which saturated: 0,31 g.), Fiber: 1,5 %, Salt: 0,62 g.

Preparation: Before cooking the wheat grains, it‘s best to soak them for atleast 1-3 hours (Ratio: 1 part groats to 2 parts water)). Boil for about 10 minutes, add spices of your choice and put the lid back on the pot and leave for another hour.

Storage: Keep in a cool (below 22 °C), clean and dry (moisture below 65%) place.

Country of origin: Lithuania

Manufacturer: UAB “Ekofrisa”, Plento st. 39, Naraukelio k., Prienų r.




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