Organic pearl barley 5 kg


Net Weight: 5 kg.

Ingredients: 100% organic barley.

Pearl barley groats are very healthy. Researching their properties, scientists have found that they contain almost all the biologically active nutrients the human body needs. The water in which pearl groats were soaked contains a lot of gordecin, a natural antibiotic that treats fungal skin conditions. This water also improves expectoration, promotes milk production in breastfeeding women and has a beneficial effect on liver. Pearl barley has more fiber than rice or wheat. These grains can be called the body broom!

Certified organic product made in Lithuania

100 g. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 353, Protein: 9,9 g., Total carbohydrate: 74 g. (of which sugar: 1,6 g.), Total fat: 1.9 g. (of which saturated: 0.4 g.), Fiber: 1,1 %, Salt: 0,025 g.

Preparation: Before cooking, it‘s best to soak them for atleast 1-3 hours. Then boil for 20 minutes (ratio: 1 part groats to 2 parts water).

Storrage: Keep in a cool (below 22 °C), clean and dry (moisture below 65%) place.

Country of origin: Lithuania

Manufacturer: UAB “Ekofrisa”, Plento st. 39, Naraukelio k., Prienų r.




                             EU Agriculture





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